Susannah Wallenstrom loves to share her knowledge of pediatric nutrition and bridge the gap between nutrition science and the everyday challenges facing busy parents. As an experienced speaker engaging students, coaches, athletes, and parent groups, Susannah inspires her audience to feed and nourish themselves and their families in the healthiest, and most practical ways. No BS, crazy diets or fads, Susannah offers science-backed, sane advice you can use everyday when feeding your family. To invite Susannah to your next event, email


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Modern Food, Parenting, Growing Healthy Kids

Modern Food, Feeding, and Parenting Solutions for Growing Healthy Kids

Presenting real-life solutions to the struggles parents face in feeding their children, Susannah inspires her audiences to let go of food battles and find more peace at the family table.  

How To Eat So You Can Compete

How to Eat So You Can Compete

Demonstrating how teen athletes can edge out the competition and fuel their bodies for maximum performance, Susannah covers the timing of meals and snacks, best foods for pre-game and recovery, and how to eat well with a demanding schedule. Designed for teen athletes and their parents and coaches. 

This talk can be modified for each specific sport:  

  • Eat + Run
  • Eat + Play Soccer
  • Eat + Row
  • Eat + Play Lacrosse 
  • Eat + Swim 
Nutrition for Athletic Girls

Nutrition for Athletic Girls

Focused on the particular needs of the female athlete, Susannah presents the dangers of dieting, healthy body image, and meeting nutrient needs for growth and sport during adolescence.  

Nutrition for Athletic Boys

Nutrition for Athletic Boys

Tailored to the male athlete, Susannah covers nutritional needs during adolescence, pre and post-game fueling, and an overall healthy lifestyle. 

Susannah has presented a sports nutrition talk to our high school cross country team the last two years. Her presentation addresses the complex issues around athletics/training/performance and nutrition in an age appropriate and understandable format. Using lots of examples and practical information, she gives athletes the building blocks and information they need to make better decisions about their own food choices and overall nutrition. Topics included everything from what to eat race day to the importance of proper fueling after a hard workout.  Susannah also covered gender specific issues particularly as they affect endurance athletes.  Having Susannah Wallenstrom talk to our team has had a huge positive impact and provided our students with information and tools that will help them for the rest of their lives. 

-Tim and Diana Fitzpatrick, Marin Catholic Cross Country

Nutrition for the Modern Toddler

Nutrition for the Modern Toddler

Got a picky eater? This talk is for parents of toddlers age 1-4 who want modern strategies for tackling the challenges of picky eating. Preserve your relationship with your toddler and help them have a healthy relationship with food. 

Nutrition for the Modern Baby

Nutrition for the Modern Baby

Is your baby ready to start solids? Susannah helps parents navigate the “what” and the “how” of feeding their babies. Start the feeding process successfully with the knowledge and tools gained in this talk. 

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Being a mom of three, Susannah is able to combine her clinical knowledge with simple, practical advice to parents to help them incorporate healthy nutrition into their family’s lifestyle. Susannah has a positive and compassionate energy about her that sets all patients at ease. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking nutrition advice”. ~ J.J.